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Weekly Market Watch
April 2024
4/22/2024Week of April 22nd
4/15/2024Week of April 15th
4/8/2024Week of April 8th
4/1/2024Week of April 1st
March 2024
3/25/2024Week of March 25th
3/18/2024Week of March 18th
3/11/2024Week of March 11th
3/4/2024Week of March 4th
February 2024
2/26/2024Week of February 26th
2/20/2024Week of February 19th
2/12/2024Week of February 12th
2/5/2024Week of February 5th
January 2024
1/29/2024Week of January 29th
1/22/2024Week of January 22nd
1/16/2024Week of January 15th
1/8/2024Week of January 8th
1/2/2024Week of January 1st
December 2023
12/26/2023Week of December 25th
12/18/2023Week of December 18th
12/11/2023Week of December 11th
12/4/2023Week of December 4th
November 2023
11/27/2023Week of November 27th
11/20/2023Week of November 20th
11/13/2023Week of November 13th
11/6/2023Week of November 6th
October 2023
10/30/2023Week of October 30th
10/23/2023Week of October 23rd
10/16/2023Week of October 16th
10/9/2023Week of October 9th
10/2/2023Week of October 2nd
September 2023
9/25/2023Week of September 25th
9/18/2023Week of September 18th
9/11/2023Week of September 11th
9/5/2023Week of September 4th
August 2023
8/28/2023Week of August 28th
8/21/2023Week of August 21st
8/14/2023Week of August 14th
8/7/2023Week of August 7th
July 2023
7/31/2023Week of July 31st
7/24/2023Week of July 24th
7/17/2023Week of July 17th
7/10/2023Week of July 10th
7/3/2023Week of July 3rd
June 2023
6/26/2023Week of June 26th
6/20/2023Week of June 19th
6/12/2023Week of June 12th
6/5/2023Week of June 5th
May 2023
5/30/2023Week of May 30th
5/22/2023Week of May 22nd
5/15/2023Week of May 15th
5/8/2023Week of May 8th
5/1/2023Week of May 1st
April 2023
4/24/2023Week of April 24th
4/17/2023Week of April 17th
4/10/2023Week of April 10th
4/3/2023Week of April 3rd
March 2023
3/27/2023Week of March 27th
3/20/2023Week of March 20th
3/13/2023Week of March 13th
3/6/2023Week of March 6th
February 2023
2/27/2023Week of February 27th
2/21/2023Week of February 21st
2/13/2023Week of February 13th
2/6/2023Week of February 6th
January 2023
1/30/2023Week of January 30th
1/23/2023Week of January 23rd
1/17/2023Week of January 16th
1/9/2023Week of January 9th
1/3/2023Week of January 2nd
December 2022
12/27/2022Week of December 26th
12/19/2022Week of December 19th
12/12/2022Week of December 12th
12/5/2022Week of December 5th
November 2022
11/28/2022Week of November 28th
11/21/2022Week of November 21st
11/14/2022Week of November 14th
11/7/2022Week of November 7th
October 2022
10/31/2022Week of October 31st
10/24/2022Week of October 24th
10/17/2022Week of October 17th
10/10/2022Week of October 10th
10/3/2022Week of October 3rd
September 2022
9/26/2022Week of September 26th
9/19/2022Week of September 19th
9/14/2022Week of September 12th
9/6/2022Week of September 6th
August 2022
8/29/2022Week of August 29th
8/22/2022Week of August 22nd
8/15/2022Week of August 15th
8/8/2022Week of August 8th
8/1/2022Week of August 1st
July 2022
7/25/2022Week of July 25th
7/18/2022Week of July 18th
7/11/2022Week of July 11th
7/5/2022Week of July 4th
June 2022
6/27/2022Week of June 27th
6/21/2022Week of June 20th
6/13/2022Week of June 13th
6/6/2022Week of June 6th
May 2022
5/31/2022Week of May 31st
5/23/2022Week of May 23rd
5/16/2022Week of May 16th
5/9/2022Week of May 9th
5/2/2022Week of May 2nd
April 2022
4/25/2022Week of April 25th
4/18/2022Week of April 18th
4/11/2022Week of April 11th
4/4/2022Week of April 4th
March 2022
3/28/2022Week of March 28th
3/21/2022Week of March 21st
3/14/2022Week of March 14th
3/7/2022Week of March 7th
February 2022
2/28/2022Week of February 28th
2/22/2022Week of February 22nd
2/14/2022Week of February 14th
2/7/2022Week of February 7th
January 2022
1/31/2022Week of January 31st
1/24/2022Week of January 24th
1/18/2022Week of January 18th
1/10/2022Week of January 10th
1/3/2022Week of January 3rd
December 2021
12/27/2021Week of December 27th
12/20/2021Week of December 20th
12/13/2021Week of December 13th
12/6/2021Week of December 6th
November 2021
11/29/2021Week of November 29th
11/22/2021Week of November 22nd
11/15/2021Week of November 15th
11/8/2021Week of November 8th
11/1/2021Week of November 1st
October 2021
10/25/2021Week of October 25th
10/18/2021Week of October 18th
10/11/2021Week of October 11th
10/4/2021Week of October 4th
September 2021
9/27/2021Week of September 27th
9/20/2021Week of September 20th
9/13/2021Week of September 13th
9/7/2021Week of September 7th
August 2021
8/30/2021Week of August 30th
8/23/2021Week of August 23rd
8/16/2021Week of August 16th
8/9/2021Week of August 9th
8/2/2021Week of August 2nd
July 2021
7/26/2021Week of July 26th
7/19/2021Week of July 19th
7/12/2021Week of July 12th
7/6/2021Week of July 6th
June 2021
6/28/2021Week of June 28th
6/21/2021Week of June 21st
6/14/2021Week of June 14th
6/7/2021Week of June 7th
6/1/2021Week of June 1st
May 2021
5/24/2021Week of May 24th
5/17/2021Week of May 17th
5/10/2021Week of May 10th
5/3/2021Week of May 3rd
April 2021
4/26/2021Week of April 26th
4/19/2021Week of April 19th
4/12/2021Week of April 12th
4/5/2021Week of April 5th
March 2021
3/29/2021Week of March 29th
3/22/2021Week of March 22nd
3/15/2021Week of March 15th
3/8/2021Week of March 8th
3/1/2021Week of March 1st
February 2021
2/22/2021Week of February 22nd
2/16/2021Week of February 16th
2/8/2021Week of February 8th
2/1/2021Week of February 1st
January 2021
1/25/2021Week of January 25th
1/19/2021Week of January 18th
1/11/2021Week of January 11th
1/4/2021Week of January 4th
December 2020
12/28/2020Week of December 28th
12/21/2020Week of December 21st
12/14/2020Week of December 14th
12/7/2020Week of December 7th
November 2020
11/30/2020Week of November 30th
11/23/2020Week of November 23rd
11/16/2020Week of November 16th
11/9/2020Week of November 9th
11/2/2020Week of November 2nd
October 2020
10/26/2020Week of October 26th
10/19/2020Week of October 19th
10/12/2020Week of October 12th
10/5/2020Week of October 5th
September 2020
9/28/2020Week of September 28th
9/21/2020Week of September 21st
9/14/2020Week of September 14th
9/8/2020Week of September 8th
August 2020
8/31/2020Week of August 31st
8/24/2020Week of August 24th
8/17/2020Week of August 17th
8/10/2020Week of August 10th
8/3/2020Week of August 3rd
July 2020
7/27/2020Week of July 27th
7/20/2020Week of July 20th
7/13/2020Week of July 13th
7/6/2020Week of July 6th
June 2020
6/29/2020Week of June 29th
6/22/2020Week of June 22nd
6/15/2020Week of June 15th
6/8/2020Week of June 8th
6/1/2020Week of June 1st
May 2020
5/26/2020Week of May 25th
5/18/2020Week of May 18th
5/11/2020Week of May 11th
5/4/2020Week of May 4th
April 2020
4/27/2020Week of April 27th
4/20/2020Week of April 20th
4/13/2020Week of April 13th
4/6/2020Week of April 6th
March 2020
3/30/2020Week of March 30th
3/23/2020Week of March 23rd
3/16/2020Week of March 16th
3/9/2020Week of March 9th
3/2/2020Week of March 2nd
February 2020
2/24/2020Week of February 24th
2/18/2020Week of February 18th
2/10/2020Week of February 10th
2/3/2020Week of February 3rd
January 2020
1/27/2020Week of January 27th
1/21/2020Week of January 21st
1/13/2020Week of January 13th
1/6/2020Week of January 6th
December 2019
12/30/2019Week of December 30th
12/23/2019Week of December 23rd
12/16/2019Week of December 16th
12/9/2019Week of December 9th
12/2/2019Week of December 2nd
November 2019
11/25/2019Week of November 25th
11/18/2019Week of November 18th
11/11/2019Week of November 11th
11/4/2019Week of November 4th
October 2019
10/28/2019Week of October 28th
10/21/2019Week of October 21st
10/14/2019Week of October 14th
10/7/2019Week of October 7th
September 2019
9/30/2019Week of September 30th
9/23/2019Week of September 23rd
9/16/2019Week of September 16th
9/9/2019Week of September 9th
9/3/2019Week of September 2nd
August 2019
8/26/2019Week of August 26th
8/19/2019Week of August 19th
8/12/2019Week of August 12th
8/5/2019Week of August 5th
July 2019
7/29/2019Week of July 29th
7/22/2019Week of July 22th
7/15/2019Week of July 15th
7/8/2019Week of July 8th
7/1/2019Week of July 1st
June 2019
6/24/2019Week of June 24th
6/17/2019Week of June 17th
6/10/2019Week of June 10th
6/3/2019Week of June 3rd
May 2019
5/28/2019Week of May 27th
5/20/2019Week of May 20th
5/13/2019Week of May 13th
5/6/2019Week of May 6th
April 2019
4/29/2019Week of April 29th
4/22/2019Week of April 22nd
4/15/2019Week of April 15th
4/8/2019Week of April 8th
4/1/2019Week of April 1st
March 2019
3/25/2019Week of March 25th
3/18/2019Week of March 18th
3/11/2019Week of March 11th
3/4/2019Week of March 4th
February 2019
2/25/2019Week of February 25th
2/19/2019Week of February 18th
2/11/2019Week of February 11th
2/4/2019Week of February 4th
January 2019
1/28/2019Week of January 28th
1/22/2019Week of January 21st
1/14/2019Week of January 14th
1/7/2019Week of January 7th
December 2018
12/31/2018Week of December 31st
12/24/2018Week of December 24th
12/17/2018Week of December 17th
12/10/2018Week of December 10th
12/3/2018Week of December 3rd
November 2018
11/26/2018Week of November 26th
11/19/2018Week of November 19th
11/12/2018Week of November 12th
11/5/2018Week of November 5th
October 2018
10/29/2018Week of October 29th
10/22/2018Week of October 22th
10/15/2018Week of October 15th
10/8/2018Week of October 8th
10/1/2018Week of October 1st
September 2018
9/24/2018Week of September 24th
9/17/2018Week of September 17th
9/10/2018Week of September 10th
9/4/2018Week of September 3rd
August 2018
8/27/2018Week of August 27th
8/20/2018Week of August 20th
8/13/2018Week of August 13th
8/6/2018Week of August 6th
July 2018
7/30/2018Week of July 30th
7/23/2018Week of July 23rd
7/16/2018Week of July 16th
7/9/2018Week of July 9th
7/2/2018Week of July 2nd
June 2018
6/25/2018Week of June 25th
6/18/2018Week of June 18th
6/11/2018Week of June 11th
6/4/2018Week of June 4th
May 2018
5/29/2018Week of May 28th
5/21/2018Week of May 21st
5/14/2018Week of May 14th
5/7/2018Week of May 7th
April 2018
4/30/2018Week of April 30th
4/23/2018Week of April 23rd
4/16/2018Week of April 16th
4/9/2018Week of April 9th
4/2/2018Week of April 2nd
March 2018
3/26/2018Week of March 26th
3/19/2018Week of March 19th
3/12/2018Week of March 12th
3/5/2018Week of March 5th
February 2018
2/26/2018Week of February 26th
2/20/2018Week of February 19th
2/12/2018Week of February 12th
2/5/2018Week of February 5th
January 2018
1/29/2018Week of January 29th
1/22/2018Week of January 22nd
1/16/2018Week of January 15th
1/8/2018Week of January 8th
1/2/2018Week of January 1st
December 2017
12/26/2017Week of December 25th
12/18/2017Week of December 18th
12/11/2017Week of December 11th
12/4/2017Week of December 4th
November 2017
11/27/2017Week of November 27th
11/20/2017Week of November 20th
11/13/2017Week of November 13th
11/6/2017Week of November 6th
October 2017
10/30/2017Week of October 30th
10/23/2017Week of October 23rd
10/16/2017Week of October 16th
10/9/2017Week of October 9th
10/2/2017Week of October 2nd
September 2017
9/25/2017Week of September 25th
9/18/2017Week of September 18th
9/11/2017Week of September 11th
9/5/2017Week of September 4th
August 2017
8/28/2017Week of August 28th
8/21/2017Week of August 21st
8/14/2017Week of August 14th
8/7/2017Week of August 7th
July 2017
7/31/2017Week of July 31st
7/24/2017Week of July 24th
7/17/2017Week of July 17th
7/10/2017Week of July 10th
7/3/2017Week of July 3rd
June 2017
6/26/2017Week of June 26th
6/19/2017Week of June 19th
6/12/2017Week of June 12th
6/5/2017Week of June 5th
May 2017
5/30/2017Week of May 29th
5/22/2017Week of May 22nd
5/15/2017Week of May 15th
5/8/2017Week of May 8th
5/1/2017Week of May 1st
April 2017
4/24/2017Week of April 24th
4/17/2017Week of April 17th
4/10/2017Week of April 10th
4/3/2017Week of April 3rd
March 2017
3/27/2017Week of March 27th
3/20/2017Week of March 20th
3/13/2017Week of March 13th
3/6/2017Week of March 6th
February 2017
2/27/2017Week of February 27th
2/21/2017Week of February 20th
2/13/2017Week of February 13th
2/6/2017Week of February 6th
January 2017
1/30/2017Week of January 30th
1/23/2017Week of January 23rd
1/17/2017Week of January 16th
1/9/2017Week of January 9th
1/3/2017Week of January 2nd
December 2016
12/27/2016Week of December 27th
12/19/2016Week of December 19th
12/12/2016Week of December 12th
12/5/2016Week of December 5th
November 2016
11/28/2016Week of November 28th
11/21/2016Week of November 21st
11/14/2016Week of November 14th
11/7/2016Week of November 7th
October 2016
10/31/2016Week of October 31st
10/24/2016Week of October 24th
10/17/2016Week of October 17th
10/10/2016Week of October 10th
10/3/2016Week of October 3rd
September 2016
9/26/2016Week of September 26th
9/19/2016Week of September 19th
9/12/2016Week of September 12th
9/6/2016Week of September 5th
August 2016
8/29/2016Week of August 29th
8/22/2016Week of August 22nd
8/15/2016Week of August 15th
8/8/2016Week of August 8th
8/1/2016Week of August 1st
July 2016
7/25/2016Week of July 25th
7/18/2016Week of July 18th
7/11/2016Week of July 11th
7/5/2016Week of July 4th
June 2016
6/27/2016Week of June 27th
6/20/2016Week of June 20th
6/13/2016Week of June 13th
6/6/2016Week of June 6th
May 2016
5/31/2016Week of May 30th
5/23/2016Week of May 23rd
5/16/2016Week of May 16th
5/9/2016Week of May 9th
5/2/2016Week of May 2nd
April 2016
4/25/2016Week of April 25th
4/18/2016Week of April 18th
4/11/2016Week of April 11th
4/4/2016Week of April 4th
March 2016
3/28/2016Week of March 28th
3/21/2016Week of March 21st
3/14/2016Week of March 14th
3/7/2016Week of March 7th
February 2016
2/29/2016Week of February 29th
2/22/2016Week of February 22nd
2/16/2016Week of February 15th
2/8/2016Week of February 8th
2/1/2016Week of February 1st
January 2016
1/25/2016Week of January 25th
1/19/2016Week of January 18th
1/11/2016Week of January 11th
1/4/2016Week of January 4th
December 2015
12/28/2015Week of December 28th
12/21/2015Week of December 21st
12/14/2015Week of December 14th
12/7/2015Week of December 7th
November 2015
11/30/2015Week of November 30th
11/23/2015Week of November 23rd
11/16/2015Week of November 16th
11/9/2015Week of November 9th
11/2/2015Week of November 2nd
October 2015
10/26/2015Week of October 26th
10/19/2015Week of October 19th
10/12/2015Week of October 12th
10/5/2015Week of October 5th
September 2015
9/28/2015Week of September 28th
9/22/2015Week of September 21st
9/14/2015Week of September 14th
9/8/2015Week of September 7th
August 2015
8/31/2015Week of August 31st
8/24/2015Week of August 24th
8/17/2015Week of August 17th
8/10/2015Week of August 10th
8/3/2015Week of August 3rd
July 2015
7/27/2015Week of July 27th
7/20/2015Week of July 20th
7/13/2015Week of July 13th
7/6/2015Week of July 6th
June 2015
6/29/2015Week of June 29th
6/22/2015Week of June 22nd
6/15/2015Week of June 15th
6/8/2015Week of June 8th
6/1/2015Week of June 1st
May 2015
5/26/2015Week of May 25th
5/18/2015Week of May 18th
5/11/2015Week of May 11th
5/4/2015Week of May 4th
April 2015
4/27/2015Week of April 27th
4/20/2015Week of April 20th
4/13/2015Week of April 13th
4/6/2015Week of April 6th
March 2015
3/30/2015Week of March 30th
3/23/2015Week of March 23rd
3/16/2015Week of March 16th
3/9/2015Week of March 9th
3/2/2015Week of March 2nd
February 2015
2/23/2015Week of February 23rd
2/17/2015Week of February 17th
2/9/2015Week of February 9th
2/2/2015Week of Febuary 2nd
January 2015
1/26/2015Week of January 26th
1/20/2015Week of January 19th
1/12/2015Week of January 12th
1/5/2015Week of January 5th
December 2014
12/29/2014Week of December 29th
12/22/2014Week of December 22nd
12/15/2014Week of December 15th
12/8/2014Week of December 8th
12/1/2014Week of December 1st
November 2014
11/24/2014Week of November 24th
11/17/2014Week of November 17th
11/10/2014Week of November 10th
11/3/2014Week of November 3rd
October 2014
10/27/2014Week of October 27th
10/20/2014Week of October 20th
10/13/2014Week of October 13th
10/6/2014Week of October 6th
September 2014
9/29/2014Week of September 29th
9/22/2014Week of September 22nd
9/15/2014Week of September 15th
9/8/2014Week of September 8th
9/3/2014Week of September 2nd
August 2014
8/25/2014Week of August 25th
8/18/2014Week of August 18th
8/11/2014Week of August 11th
8/5/2014Week of August 4th
July 2014
7/28/2014Week of July 28th
7/21/2014Week of July 21st
7/14/2014Week of July 14th
7/7/2014Week of July 7th
June 2014
6/30/2014Week of June 30th
6/23/2014Week of June 23rd
6/16/2014Week of June 16th
6/9/2014Week of June 9th
6/2/2014Week of June 2nd
May 2014
5/27/2014Week of May 26th
5/19/2014Week of May 19th
5/12/2014Week of May 12th
5/5/2014Week of May 5th
April 2014
4/28/2014Week of April 28th
4/21/2014Week of April 21st
4/14/2014Week of April 14th
4/7/2014Week of April 7th
March 2014
3/31/2014Week of March 31st
3/24/2014Week of March 24th
3/17/2014Week of March 17th
3/10/2014Week of March 10th
3/3/2014Week of March 3rd
February 2014
2/24/2014Week of February 24th
2/18/2014Week of February 17th
2/10/2014Week of February 10th
2/3/2014Week of February 3rd
January 2014
1/27/2014Week of January 27th
1/21/2014Week of January 20th
1/13/2014Week of January 13th
1/6/2014Week of January 6th
December 2013
12/30/2013Week of December 30th
12/23/2013Week of December 23rd
12/16/2013Week of December 16th
12/9/2013Week of December 9th
12/2/2013Week of December 2nd
November 2013
11/25/2013Week of November 25th
11/18/2013Week of November 18th
11/11/2013Week of November 11th
11/4/2013Week of November 4th
October 2013
10/28/2013Week of October 28th
10/21/2013Week of October 21st
10/14/2013Week of October 14th
10/7/2013Week of October 7th
September 2013
9/30/2013Week of September 30th
9/23/2013Week of September 23rd
9/16/2013Week of September 16th
9/9/2013Week of September 9th
9/3/2013Week of September 2nd
August 2013
8/26/2013Week of August 26th
8/19/2013Week of August 19th
8/12/2013Week of August 12th
8/5/2013Week of August 5th
July 2013
7/29/2013Week of July 29th
7/22/2013Week of July 22nd
7/15/2013Week of July 15th
7/8/2013Week of July 8th
7/1/2013Week of July 1st
June 2013
6/24/2013Week of June 24th
6/17/2013Week of June 17th
6/10/2013Week of June 10th
6/3/2013Week of June 3rd
May 2013
5/28/2013Week of May 27th
5/20/2013Week of May 20th
5/13/2013Week of May 13th
5/6/2013Week of May 6th
April 2013
4/29/2013Week of April 29th
4/22/2013Week of April 22nd
4/15/2013Week of April 15th
4/8/2013Week of April 8th
4/1/2013Week of April 1st
March 2013
3/25/2013Week of March 25th
3/18/2013Week of March 18th
3/11/2013Week of March 11th
3/4/2013Week of March 4th
February 2013
2/25/2013Week of February 25th
2/19/2013Week of February 18th
2/11/2013Week of February 11th
2/4/2013Week of February 4th
January 2013
1/28/2013Week of January 28th
1/22/2013Week of January 21st
1/14/2013Week of January 14th
1/7/2013Week of January 7th
December 2012
12/31/2012Week of December 31st
12/24/2012Week of December 24th
12/17/2012Week of December 17th
12/10/2012Week of December 10th
12/3/2012Week of December 3rd
November 2012
11/26/2012Week of November 26th
11/19/2012Week of November 19th
11/12/2012Week of November 12th
11/5/2012Week of November 6th
October 2012
10/29/2012Week of October 29th
10/22/2012Week of October 22nd
10/15/2012Week of October 15th
10/8/2012Week of October 8th
10/1/2012Week of October 1st
September 2012
9/24/2012Week of September 24th
9/17/2012Week of September 17th
9/10/2012Week of September 10th
9/4/2012Week of September 3rd
August 2012
8/27/2012Week of August 27th
8/20/2012Week of August 20th
8/13/2012Week of August 13th
8/6/2012Week of August 6th
July 2012
7/30/2012Week of July 30th
7/23/2012Week of July 23rd
7/16/2012Week of July 16th
7/9/2012Week of July 9th
7/2/2012Week of July 2nd
June 2012
6/25/2012Week of June 25th
6/18/2012Week of June 18th
6/11/2012Week of June 11th
6/4/2012Week of June 4th
May 2012
5/29/2012Week of May 28th
5/21/2012Week of May 21st
5/14/2012Week of May 14th
5/7/2012Week of May 7th
April 2012
4/30/2012Week of April 30th
4/23/2012Week of April 23rd
4/16/2012Week of April 16th
4/9/2012Week of April 9th
4/2/2012Week of April 2nd
March 2012
3/26/2012Week of March 26th
3/19/2012Week of March 19th
3/12/2012Week of March 12th
3/5/2012Week of March 5th
February 2012
2/27/2012Week of February 27th
2/21/2012Week of February 20th
2/13/2012Week of February 13th
2/6/2012Week of February 6th
January 2012
1/30/2012Week of January 30th
1/23/2012Week of January 23rd
1/17/2012Week of January 17th
1/9/2012Week of January 9th
1/3/2012Week of January 3rd
December 2011
12/27/2011Week of December 26th
12/19/2011Week of December 19th
12/12/2011Week of December 12th
12/5/2011Week of December 5th
November 2011
11/28/2011Week of November 28th
11/21/2011Week of November 21st
11/14/2011Week of November 14th
11/7/2011Week of November 7th
October 2011
10/31/2011Week of October 31st
10/24/2011Week of October 24th
10/17/2011Week of October 17th
10/10/2011Week of October 10th
10/3/2011Week of October 3rd
September 2011
9/26/2011Week of September 26th
9/19/2011Week of September 19th
9/12/2011Week of September 12th
9/6/2011Week of September 5th
August 2011
8/29/2011Week of August 29th
8/22/2011Week of August 22nd
8/15/2011Week of August 15th
8/8/2011Week of August 8th
8/1/2011Week of August 1st
July 2011
7/25/2011Week of July 25th
7/18/2011Week of July 18
7/11/2011Week of July 11th
7/5/2011Week of July 4th
June 2011
6/27/2011Week of June 27th
6/20/2011Week of June 20th
6/13/2011Week of June 13th
6/6/2011Week of June 6th
May 2011
5/31/2011Week of May 30th
5/23/2011Week of May 23rd
5/16/2011Week of May 16th
5/9/2011Week of May 9th
5/2/2011Week of May 2nd
April 2011
4/25/2011Week of April 25th
4/18/2011Week of April 18th
4/11/2011Week of April 11th
4/4/2011Week of April 4th
March 2011
3/28/2011Week of March 28th
3/21/2011Week of March 21st
3/14/2011Week of March 14th
3/7/2011Week of March 7th
February 2011
2/28/2011Week of February 28th
2/22/2011Week of February 21st
2/14/2011Week of February 14th
2/7/2011Week of February 7th
January 2011
1/31/2011Week of January 31st
1/24/2011Week of January 24th
1/18/2011Week of January 18th
1/10/2011Week of January 10th
1/3/2011Week of January 3rd
December 2010
12/27/2010Week of December 27th
12/20/2010Week of December 20th
12/13/2010Week of December 13th
12/6/2010Week of December 6th
November 2010
11/29/2010Week of November 29th
11/22/2010Week of November 22nd
11/15/2010Week of November 15th
11/8/2010Week of November 8th
11/1/2010Week of November 1st
October 2010
10/25/2010Week of October 25th
10/18/2010Week of October 18th
10/11/2010Week of October 11th
10/4/2010Week of October 4th
September 2010
9/27/2010Week of September 27th
9/20/2010Week of September 20th
9/13/2010Week of September 13th
9/7/2010Week of September 7th
August 2010
8/30/2010Week of August 30th
8/23/2010Week of August 23rd
8/16/2010Week of August 16th
8/9/2010Week of August 9th
8/2/2010Week of August 2nd
July 2010
7/26/2010Week of July 26th
7/19/2010Week of July 19th
7/12/2010Week of July 12th
7/6/2010Week of July 5th
June 2010
6/28/2010Week of June 28th
6/21/2010Week of June 21st
6/14/2010Week of June 14th
6/7/2010Week of June 7th
6/1/2010Week of May 31st
May 2010
5/24/2010Week of May 24th
5/17/2010Week of May 17th
5/10/2010Week of May 10th
5/3/2010Week of May 3rd
April 2010
4/26/2010Week of April 26th
4/19/2010Week of April 19th
4/12/2010Week of April 12th
4/5/2010Week of April 5th
March 2010
3/29/2010Week of March 29th
3/22/2010Week of March 22nd
3/15/2010Week of March 15th
3/8/2010Week of March 8th
3/1/2010Week of March 1st
February 2010
2/22/2010Week of February 22nd
2/16/2010Week of February 15th
2/8/2010Week of February 8th
2/1/2010Week of February 1st
January 2010
1/25/2010Week of January 25th
1/19/2010Week of January 18th
1/11/2010Week of January 11th
1/4/2010Week of January 4th
December 2009
12/28/2009Week of December 28th
12/21/2009Week of December 21st
12/14/2009Week of December 14th
12/7/2009Week of December 7th
November 2009
11/30/2009Week of November 30th
11/23/2009Week Of November 23rd
11/16/2009Week of November 16th
11/9/2009Week of November 9th
11/2/2009Week Of November 2nd
October 2009
10/26/2009Week of October 26th
10/19/2009Week of October 19th
10/12/2009Week of October 12th
10/5/2009Week of October 5th
September 2009
9/28/2009Week of September 28th
9/21/2009Week of September 21st
9/14/2009Week of September 14th
9/8/2009Week of September 8th
August 2009
8/31/2009Week of August 31st
8/24/2009Week of August 24th
8/17/2009Week of August 17th
8/10/2009Week of August 10th
8/3/2009Week of August 3rd
July 2009
7/27/2009Week of July 27th
7/20/2009Week of July 20th
7/13/2009Week of July 13th
7/6/2009Week of July 6th
June 2009
6/29/2009Week of June 29th
6/22/2009Week Of June 22nd
6/15/2009Week of June 15th
6/8/2009Week of June 8th
6/1/2009Week of June 1st
May 2009
5/26/2009Week of May 25th
5/18/2009Week of May 18th
5/11/2009Week of May11th
5/4/2009Week of May 4th
April 2009
4/27/2009Week of April 27th
4/20/2009Week of April 20th
4/13/2009Week of April 13th
4/6/2009Week of April 6th
March 2009
3/30/2009Week of March 30th
3/23/2009Week of March 23rd
3/16/2009Week of March 16th
3/9/2009Week of March 9th
3/2/2009Week of March 2nd
February 2009
2/23/2009Week of February 23rd
2/17/2009Week of February 16th
2/9/2009Week of February 9th
2/2/2009Week of February 2nd
January 2009
1/26/2009Week of January 26th
1/20/2009Week Of January 19th
1/12/2009Week of January 12th
1/5/2009Week of January 5th
December 2008
12/29/2008Week of December 29th
12/22/2008Week of December 22nd
12/15/2008Week of December 15th
12/8/2008Week of December 8th
12/1/2008Week of December 1st
November 2008
11/24/2008Week of November 24th
11/17/2008Week of November 17th
11/10/2008Week of November 10th
11/3/2008Week Of November 3rd
October 2008
10/27/2008Week of October 27th
10/20/2008WeekoOf October 20th
10/13/2008Week of October 13th
10/6/2008Week of October 6th
September 2008
9/29/2008Week of September 29th
9/22/2008Week of September 22nd
9/15/2008Week of September 15th
9/8/2008Week Of September 8th
9/2/2008Week of September 2nd
August 2008
8/25/2008Week of August 25th
8/18/2008Week of August 18th
8/11/2008Week of August 11th
8/4/2008Week of August 4th
July 2008
7/28/2008Week of July 28th
7/21/2008Week of July 21st
7/14/2008Week of July 14th
7/7/2008Week of July 7th
June 2008
6/30/2008Week of June 30th
6/23/2008Week of June 23rd
6/16/2008Week of June 16th
6/9/2008Week of June 9th
6/2/2008Week of June 2nd
May 2008
5/27/2008Week of May 26th
5/19/2008Week of May 19th
5/12/2008Week of May 12th
5/5/2008Week Of May 5th
April 2008
4/28/2008Week of April 28th
4/21/2008Week of April 21st
4/14/2008Week of April 14th
4/7/2008Week of April 7th
March 2008
3/31/2008Week of March 31st
3/24/2008Week Of March 24th
3/17/2008Week of March 17th
3/10/2008Week of March 10th
3/3/2008Week Of March 3rd
February 2008
2/25/2008Week Of February 25th
2/19/2008Week Of February 18th
2/11/2008Week Of February 11th
2/4/2008Week Of February 4th
January 2008
1/28/2008Week Of January 28th
1/22/2008Week Of January 21st
1/14/2008Week Of January 14th
1/7/2008Week Of January 7th
December 2007
12/31/2007Week Of December 31st
12/24/2007Week Of December 24th
12/17/2007Week Of December 17th
12/10/2007Week of December 10th
12/3/2007Week Of December 3rd
November 2007
11/26/2007Week of November 26th
11/19/2007Week of November 19th
11/12/2007Week Of November 12th
11/5/2007Week Of November 5th
October 2007
10/29/2007Week Of October 29th
10/22/2007Week Of October 22nd
10/15/2007Week Of October 15th
10/8/2007Week Of October 8th
10/1/2007Week Of October 1st
September 2007
9/24/2007Week Of September 24th
9/17/2007Week of September 17th
9/10/2007Week Of September 10th
9/4/2007Week of September 3rd
August 2007
8/27/2007Week of August 27th
8/20/2007Week of August 20th
8/13/2007Week of August 13th
8/6/2007Week of August 6th
July 2007
7/30/2007Week of July 30th
7/23/2007Week of July 23rd
7/16/2007Week of July 16th
7/9/2007Week of July 9th
7/2/2007Week of July 2nd
June 2007
6/25/2007Week of June 25th
6/18/2007Week of June 18th
6/11/2007Week of June 11th
6/4/2007Week of June 4th
May 2007
5/29/2007Week of May 28th
5/21/2007Week of May 21st
5/14/2007Week of May 14th
5/7/2007Week of May 7th
April 2007
4/30/2007Week of April 30th
4/23/2007Week of April 23rd
4/16/2007Week of April 16th
4/9/2007Week of April 9th
4/2/2007Week of April 2nd
March 2007
3/25/2007Week of March 25th
3/19/2007Week of March 19th
3/12/2007Week of March 12th
3/5/2007Week of March 5th
February 2007
2/26/2007Week of February 26th
2/20/2007Week of February 19th
2/12/2007Week of February 12th
2/5/2007Week of February 5th
January 2007
1/29/2007Week of January 29th
1/22/2007Week of January 22nd
1/16/2007Week of January 15th
1/8/2007Week of January 8th
1/3/2007Week of January 1st
December 2006
12/26/2006Week of December 25th
12/18/2006Week of December 18th
12/11/2006Week of December 11th
12/4/2006Week of December 4th
November 2006
11/27/2006Week of November 27th
11/20/2006Week of November 20th
11/13/2006Week of November 13th
11/6/2006Week of November 6th
October 2006
10/30/2006Week of October 30th
10/20/2006Week of October 23rd
10/13/2006Week of October 16th
10/6/2006Week of October 9th
September 2006
9/29/2006Week of October 2nd
January 2004
1/3/2004Week of January 1st

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