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   Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist
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   Bob Stein
Deputy Chief Economist
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3/12/2015 History: Markets Rise Through Rate Hikes - Chart
3/12/2015 History: Markets Rise Through Rate Hikes
3/9/2015 Good News is Still Good News
3/6/2015 Strong Jobs, Foolish Stocks
3/2/2015 Fed Has Less Patience For ZIRP
2/23/2015 Strong Dollar: Good, Not Bad
1/12/2015 Bullish, For the Right Reasons
1/5/2015 2015: More Investment and Profits, Higher Rates, Dollar and Stocks
12/29/2014 Chicken Little Economics
12/24/2014 Brian Wesbury's Latest Interview on Fox Business
11/10/2014 Change Is In The Air
10/13/2014 Timing The Market Doesn’t Work
10/1/2014 Yes, Stocks are Volatile
9/8/2014 Why Do Stocks Keep Rising?
8/25/2014 Tapering Has Not Hurt The Economy
8/20/2014 George Soros’ bearish bet
8/20/2014 Mideast tensions in focus on Wall Street
8/11/2014 Tight Money, Still A Long Way Off
8/4/2014 Events vs. Data
8/1/2014 Don't Fret the Dip: Fundamentals Are OK
7/7/2014 The Beginning of a Correction?
5/28/2014 The Myth of 2008
5/19/2014 Can a "Perma-Bull" Turn Bearish?
5/12/2014 Energy Boom to Drive Economy Into Manufacturing Renaissance?
3/17/2014 The Fed's Mistakes of 2008
3/11/2014 We are in a plow-horse economy
3/11/2014 The global economy and markets
3/10/2014 All Hail the Bull Market
3/3/2014 Ukraine Fears Temporary
2/10/2014 The Recovery Is Not A Sugar High
2/5/2014 The Bogus January Effect
2/4/2014 The Bogus January Effect
1/27/2014 “Risk Off” Trade Returns…Remain Calm
1/7/2014 Why Tapering Doesn't Matter
1/6/2014 Stimulus Stifled Economic Recovery?
1/6/2014 Tale of the Taper and 2014 Markets
1/6/2014 Dow 19,500, S&P 500 2,150
12/30/2013 Plow Horse, Trotting
12/20/2013 Why is Wesbury Smiling?
12/16/2013 The Time For Taper Has Come
11/25/2013 Quantitative Easing and the Bond Market – How Big is the Fed’s Role? - Part 1 of 3
11/18/2013 Steady As She Goes
11/14/2013 The Chairwoman and QE
11/1/2013 How to Trade the Budget Crisis
10/21/2013 Smaller Government Won!
9/23/2013 Obamacare!
8/12/2013 "Shiller P-E" No Reason to Sell
8/7/2013 What You Can Learn from the Financial Regrets of the Rich
8/6/2013 QE, Stock Buybacks, and PE Ratios
8/5/2013 All Roads Lead to Profits
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