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   Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist
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   Bob Stein
Deputy Chief Economist
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2/13/2017 Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)
2/7/2017 The 4 Threats to Prosperity - Part 3
1/25/2017 The Plow Horse is Dead
1/3/2017 Watch the Spending
12/27/2016 2017: Dow 23,750, S&P 2700
12/5/2016 Caution on Dollar-Meddling
11/14/2016 Revolution
11/9/2016 Saving Private Sector
10/4/2016 Austan Goolsbee is Wrong
9/23/2016 What’s the fallout on Clinton’s 65% top estate-tax rate?
7/5/2016 Watch Earnings, Not Fearful Forecasts
6/20/2016 Policy Stagnation
6/14/2016 Why Does Japan Still Charge Taxes?
5/31/2016 Greece is Already Bankrupt
5/26/2016 Big Government Slams the Middle Class
4/20/2016 Main St vs Wall St on the Economy
3/28/2016 US Needs Sensible Debt Financing
11/13/2015 It’s the Domestic Spending; Stupid
9/28/2015 A Shutdown Would Be Positive
7/20/2015 Tax Cuts on the Horizon
6/2/2015 Does Redistribution Increase Inequality?
5/21/2015 Brian Wesbury on Fox Business: Taxes to Blame for Consumers Not Spending
2/2/2015 Fooled By Extrapolation
11/24/2014 Let’s Finally Fix the CBO
10/27/2014 Better Policies on the Horizon
7/28/2014 Tax Reform: The Real Anti-Inversion Solution
6/16/2014 FATCA...More Fear-Mongering
4/15/2014 Obama has proposed 442 tax hikes since taking office
4/14/2014 Lobbyist Rules
3/10/2014 All Hail the Bull Market
2/3/2014 Keynes Just Didn't Get It
9/9/2013 Possible Shutdown, No Default
7/15/2013 Deficit? What Deficit?
4/15/2013 Keynes And Retail Sales
2/19/2013 Don't Fear the Sequester
1/28/2013 Defending Mickelson
1/2/2013 Thoughts on Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff
11/27/2012 Cut Spending or The Middle Class Will Suffer
11/19/2012 The Cliff Ain't So Bad
11/19/2012 Election Musings
11/12/2012 Leaning Left
10/15/2012 The Romney Tax Plan
10/8/2012 Thelma, Louise and the Fiscal Cliff
10/1/2012 France Raises Tax Rate for Top Income Earners to 75%
9/19/2012 Will Higher Taxes Help the Economy?
9/12/2012 Will Tax Hikes Bring Back the 1990s Boom?
9/10/2012 Better Policy, Better Recovery
7/11/2012 Brian was on Fox Business yesterday
6/28/2012 Step Two – Going Backward – Election More Important Than Ever


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