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   Brian Wesbury
Chief Economist
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   Bob Stein
Deputy Chief Economist
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3/23/2015 Don't Fret Student Debt
2/17/2015 QE and Currency Wars: A Theory With No Evidence
12/29/2014 Chicken Little Economics
11/24/2014 Let’s Finally Fix the CBO
10/27/2014 Better Policies on the Horizon
10/20/2014 Q3 Real GDP Still Looks Solid
10/15/2014 Check Out Brian Wesbury's Latest Piece in the Wall St. Journal
8/1/2014 Don't Fret the Dip: Fundamentals Are OK
5/28/2014 The Myth of 2008
4/21/2014 Q1 GDP Frozen, Q2 Thawed
3/27/2014 Real GDP Growth in Q4 Revised Up to a 2.6% Annual Rate
3/17/2014 No Extension Needed
3/11/2014 We are in a plow-horse economy
3/10/2014 All Hail the Bull Market
2/7/2014 The Most Important Number in the World
2/3/2014 Keynes Just Didn't Get It
1/30/2014 The First Estimate for Q4 Real GDP Growth is 3.2% at an Annual Rate
1/21/2014 Q4 GDP - Stronger than Keynes Predicted
1/6/2014 Stimulus Stifled Economic Recovery?
12/30/2013 Plow Horse, Trotting
11/4/2013 More #PlowHorse in Q3
11/1/2013 How to Trade the Budget Crisis
10/28/2013 Fear of Debt Spiral Misplaced
10/21/2013 Smaller Government Won!
10/11/2013 House GOP Offers Temporary Debt-Ceiling Deal - Brian on Fox Business Yesterday
10/11/2013 Boehner using scare tactics? - Brian on Fox Business
10/10/2013 Obamacare Is No Big Deal… Yet
10/10/2013 Treasury: Dereliction of Duty
10/7/2013 The Only Story in Town
10/4/2013 Don’t Fret the Shutdown
9/30/2013 Shutdown: A Good Thing?
9/9/2013 Possible Shutdown, No Default
8/14/2013 Keynesian Fallacy - Part I
7/15/2013 Deficit? What Deficit?
7/10/2013 More Economic Growth Ahead?
7/8/2013 Obamacare and Stocks
6/19/2013 The Fed Said What?
6/17/2013 Keynesian Model Blew It Again
6/7/2013 Look Out For An Upside Surprise
5/6/2013 The QE-xcuse
4/15/2013 Keynes And Retail Sales
4/8/2013 Stockman's Sky is Falling
3/13/2013 Brian was on Fox Business with Melissa Francis Discussing Government Spending and the Ryan Plan
2/19/2013 Don't Fear the Sequester
2/13/2013 The Plow Horse State of the Economy
1/31/2013 Kudlow is Right: The Spending Sequester Will Grow the Private Economy
1/2/2013 Thoughts on Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff
12/31/2012 More Growth: Thank the Entrepreneur
12/17/2012 Fed Talks Louder, To Little Avail
12/12/2012 AIG - Not A Government Success
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