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Wesbury 101 - Economic Video Commentary
12/6/2016Dow 36,000
11/21/2016Give Thanks for the Coming Boom
11/9/2016USA: Under New Management!
10/25/2016Rate Hikes Won't Matter
10/4/2016Austan Goolsbee is Wrong
8/26/2016Yellen Will Lift Rates
8/8/2016Trump's Policies Earn a B+
7/20/2016Will the Yield Curve Invert?
5/26/2016Big Government Slams the Middle Class
5/11/2016Elections, Politics and Stocks
4/8/2016The Epic Collapse
1/26/2016Oil and Stocks
1/15/2016This is a Buying Opportunity
1/12/2016Boom and Bust
1/8/2016This Ain't No Bust
12/11/2015Rate Hike Hysteria
12/2/2015Say No to a Wimpy Fed
11/9/2015The Rate Hike Huff
10/30/2015Bias & the Markets
10/19/2015Government DID NOT Save the Economy
10/1/2015No Recession in Sight
9/25/2015The BIG Correction
8/13/2015Chinese Chicken Littles
8/7/2015Can IMF Kill Dollar with Yuan?
7/28/2015China Crash: Whaddaboutit!
7/6/2015Happy 4th of July
6/9/2015Liar, Liar, Unemployment (Not) Higher
6/2/2015Does Redistribution Increase Inequality?
5/27/2015Black Swans & Forecasting
5/19/2015QE Did Not Build the iWatch
5/8/2015June is Still on the Table
5/2/2015War: @WSJopinion vs. @BenBernanke
4/17/2015The Two Americas
4/10/2015The Triple Mandate
3/12/2015There Will Be Growth in the Spring
3/6/2015Strong Jobs, Foolish Stocks
2/13/2015Apocalypse? Not a Chance!
2/12/2015Retail Sales Drop: Noise, Not News.
12/9/2014Rate Hikes Will Not Stop Stocks
12/2/2014US Economy – Less Fragile Than You Think
11/5/2014Election Inflection
10/1/2014Yes, Stocks are Volatile
8/25/2014Tapering Has Not Hurt The Economy
8/1/2014Don't Fret the Dip: Fundamentals Are OK
7/10/2014The Fed Ends QE But Stays Easy
6/13/2014The Fed Is Flying By the Seat of Its Pants
5/30/2014Despite Drop in GDP, Economy OK
4/23/2014Upside Surprise Potential
4/15/2014The Plow Horse Gets De-Iced
3/14/2014The Fed’s Mistakes of 2008
2/7/2014The Most Important Number in the World
2/4/2014The Bogus January Effect
1/6/2014Why Tapering Doesn't Matter
12/23/2013The Problem with Bitcoin
12/20/2013Why is Wesbury Smiling?
11/14/2013The Chairwoman and QE
11/1/2013How to Trade the Budget Crisis
8/27/2013Who Can Normalize the Fed?
8/15/2013Keynesian Fallacy - Part II
8/14/2013Keynesian Fallacy - Part I
8/6/2013QE, Stock Buybacks, and PE Ratios
8/5/2013All Roads Lead to Profits
7/11/2013Ben Bernanke is Seeing the Light
6/18/2013Stocks Are Up, But Still Cheap
6/7/2013Look Out For An Upside Surprise
5/10/2013The Bogus QE-xcuse
4/18/2013Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
3/13/2013What's Wrong with the Republicans
2/13/2013The Plow Horse State of the Economy
2/4/2013The Pessimists Are Losing
1/15/20132013: Market and Economic Forecast
12/12/2012AIG - Not A Government Success
11/19/2012Election Musings
10/23/2012Will the "Bernank" Resign
10/16/2012No Recession Yet
10/9/2012It's the Spending Stupid
9/26/2012The Futility of Quantitative Easing
9/19/2012Four Threats to Prosperity
9/13/2012The Bernank Stomps on the Gas
9/11/2012Will Tax Hikes Bring Back the 1990's Boom?
8/14/2012The Romney-Ryan Achilles Heel
7/26/2012Justice Roberts's Lesson for Ben Bernanke
7/10/2012It's Not a Zombie Economy
6/22/2012A Housing Shortage?
6/14/2012A Dissent Against Charles Evans
5/30/2012The Plow Horse Economy
5/16/2012The Golden Drachma
5/1/2012It’s Real Growth, Not Just Sugar
4/24/2012Where's the Fire, Ben?
4/5/2012Good Thursday, Good Friday
3/8/2012Flailing Fed Already Sterilized
2/22/2012What's the REAL Unemployment Rate? (7:50)
2/3/2012The Growth Deniers (6:10)
1/20/2012Things Are Getting Better All the Time (6:14)
1/5/2012Fed Stimulus Means No Recession
12/14/2011The Republicans' Big Mistake (6:54)
12/1/2011The Bulls Look Good (5:53)
11/14/2011Victories for the Private Sector (8:19)
10/27/2011The V-Shaped Recovery Continues (8:39)
10/24/2011Don’t Fear the Volatile Market (7:00)
10/10/2011Economic Twilight Zone (7:03)
9/23/2011Bernanke Squashes Gold Bugs (8:07)
9/8/2011Let's Roll (6:57)
8/25/2011Bad Narrative and the Panic (7:59)
8/19/2011No Sign of Economic Panic (7:32)
8/12/2011This Is Not 2008 (9:58)
8/2/2011Part 4: We Have a Deal (8:05)
7/19/2011Part 3: Don’t Panic Over Debt Ceiling (5:55)
7/12/2011Part 2: Spending vs. Taxes (8:46)
7/6/2011Part 1: Debt Ceiling Does Not Threaten Default (8:28)
6/16/2011Keynesians Are Completely Lost (8:42)
6/1/2011Just Another Soft Patch (7:30)
5/23/2011Debt Ceiling Debate (9:00)
4/27/2011Bernanke's First Presser (11:14)
4/6/2011Forget Housing, Watch Investment (5:12)
3/9/2011Government Spending; It’s The Problem (7:27)
2/18/2011No Bubbles, Sugar, or Dead Cat Bounces (8:56)
1/21/2011Drudge Report Negativity Misleading (6:02)
1/3/2011It's Better Than You Think (6:29)
11/26/2010Ireland, Austerity, and the Good News Ahead (7:48)
10/29/2010The V-Shaped Nail in the Double Dip Coffin (5:41)
10/8/2010Dow 13,000? (6:22)
8/27/2010Economic Hypochondria (6:18)
8/12/2010Stimulus and the Soft Patch (7:57)
7/15/20103 Myths About Consumption and Savings (6:27)
7/9/2010The Political Economy (8:30)
6/8/2010Laffer, Debt and Taxes (8:12)
5/21/2010Just a Correction (7:11)
4/16/2010The Government Did Not Save Us (6:30)
3/22/2010Health Care Won’t Stop The V (6:52)
3/11/2010Get Ready for 300,000 New Jobs (6:49)
3/9/2010Happy Anniversary (6:31)
2/25/2010TARP was a Mistake (7:37)
2/12/2010It's Only a Correction (6:40)
1/26/2010"Too Big to Fail" is Not the Problem (5:38)
1/12/20102010 Outlook: Dow 13,000 (7:27)
12/14/2009The Recession Is Over (8:02)
12/2/2009Bye Bye Dubai (6:37)
10/29/2009The Conservatives' Big Mistake (6:41)
10/12/2009Dow 12,000? (4:20)
10/1/2009Which Way Will It Go? (7:49)
9/15/2009Still a V (6:36)
8/26/2009This Is Not A "Sugar High!" (6:50)
8/4/2009Don't Doubt the V (6:04)
7/21/2009It’s Not As Bad As They Say (5:10)
5/22/2009The Shorts Are Still on the Run (6:32)
5/7/2009Baseball or Super Ball? (5:54)
4/9/2009Toxic Assets vs. Toxic Government (5:49)
3/25/2009This is Not a Dead Cat Bounce
3/19/2009Helicopter Ben Takes Off (5:16)
3/12/2009Good News: Velocity Revives, While Mark-to-Market is Wounded (6:31)
2/20/2009Bank Nationalization and Mark to Market (7:23)
2/13/2009The V-Shaped Recovery (5:42)
2/11/2009Mark-to-Market Update (9:49)
2/6/2009The End of Mark-to-Market Mayhem? (5:29)
1/28/2009Big Bad Bank (5:52)
1/23/2009Are We Cuba? (4:53)
1/7/2009Don't Fear Deflation (4:03)
12/23/2008No Deflation. No Hyper-Inflation. (5:17)
12/12/2008Retail Sales Show Bounce in Velocity (5:11)
12/3/2008Perspective on the Recession (6.23)
11/21/2008The Economy, Stocks, & the New Economic Team (6:04)
10/7/2008The Money Equation Says Cut Rates, Now! (5:37)
9/30/2008The Bailout, Volatility and Mark to Market Accounting Rules (5:14)
9/26/2008Bailouts, De-leveraging and Japan (4:12)
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