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Bob Carey
Chief Market Strategist
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Market Commentary Video
1/21/2020Going with the Flow. Does it Make Sense?
12/23/20192020 Should Be a Good Year!
10/7/2019The Lack of Bulls is Bullish Sign!
9/23/2019Evaluations and Opportunities
8/5/2019A Correction ... and Nothing More
7/22/2019Interest Rates and Earnings, It All Comes Full Circle
7/15/2019More Than Just the Fed
7/1/2019Halftime Report
6/3/2019Same Old Song and Dance
5/13/2019Interest is 3x More Expensive than Earnings
1/7/20192019 Market Outlook
12/20/2018Call Us Crazy ... Stocks on sale as we head into 2019!
10/30/2018Stock market on sale … will anyone show up?
10/15/2018Perspective on Volatility
9/18/2018Optimism at a 20-Year High
9/10/2018Historical Perspective on the Yield Curve
9/4/2018Looking Back to Understand the Future
7/23/2018An Avalanche of Earnings
7/9/201818 out of 20 ... So Far!
6/12/2018Profits and Stock Buy Backs
5/14/2018The Correction is Over!
3/6/2018Interest Rates, Policy and the Markets
2/13/2018Some Investors Have Lost That Lovin' Feeling
2/7/201823 Times in 9 Years
1/29/2018Stellar Earnings
1/11/2018Four Strategic Priorities for 2018
12/14/20172018: A Strategic Outlook
11/7/2017Is a Correction Coming?
10/16/2017October 1987 to October 2017
10/9/20177 for 7 so Far!
9/18/2017Why the Market Continues to Go Up
7/31/2017Strong Earnings Push Markets Higher
7/10/2017Let's Get Back to the Fundamentals
6/26/2017Earnings are Coming!
6/5/2017Stronger Earnings=Stronger Markets
5/8/2017The 5.1% Difference
5/3/2017Back in the Saddle
3/23/2017Earnings, Evaluations and Sectors
3/15/2017The Fed Sees Market Strength
3/9/2017After 8 Long Years ...
2/21/2017Both Are Investing and Delivering Record Highs
2/6/2017It's Called Winning!
2/1/2017Back to Earnings: Back to the Basics
1/25/2017The Meaning of 20,000
1/18/2017The Fundamentals that Make Up the Valuations
1/10/20172017 Forecast: Risk On, For Now
12/19/20162016: A Year of Extremes. 2017: A Year of Opportunity
12/6/20162017 and a Look at Profitability
11/28/20162017 and The Priority of Allocation
11/14/2016The Market is Risk On
11/10/2016Fog is Lifting for Individual Investors
11/1/2016Why the Market is Not Bullish
10/28/2016The First Trust Newsletter and Market Overview
10/10/2016Tis the Season for Earnings
9/19/201618 ... 16 ... Better Earnings Ahead!?
8/22/2016The Critical Importance of Asset Allocation
8/16/2016What's It Going to Take?
7/29/2016Expected Earnings and Future Profitability
7/18/2016Stocks at All-Time Highs But It's Just Second Hand News
7/5/2016Insight on Earnings
6/6/2016Let's Get Small: Focus on Small Caps
4/26/2016Good Earnings. Yet Investors Not Partying Like It's 1999.
4/11/2016The Profit’s Prophets Likely to be Wrong Again
4/4/201619 for 19 So Far!
3/15/2016The Pros are Buying
3/7/2016The Correction is in the Rear View Mirror
2/23/2016Stay In and Stay On to Win
2/3/2016The Stock Market is Like the Rodeo
1/15/2016The Sale Continues
1/7/2016More like 2003 NOT 2008!
12/21/2015Perspective on Past and Future Earnings
12/14/2015Are You Getting Paid For Taking Risk?
11/23/2015A November Flight to Safety
10/30/2015Three Out of Four are Beating the Estimates
10/20/2015How to Get the Attention of the Financial Media
9/14/2015When Opportunity Knocks
8/31/2015What's Bothering Investors?
8/24/2015Yes, it is a Correction. What are You going to do about it?
7/28/2015Profits Not Prophets
7/21/2015Perspective on July Earnings
7/13/2015Greece, China, Alcoa and the Global Economy
7/8/2015Anticipating Continued Strength in Earnings
6/26/2015Let Guidance Be Your Guide
6/9/2015Under Pressure
5/27/2015Then Came the Last Days of May
5/19/2015New Market Highs Met by Complacency
5/7/2015Bond Yields, Earnings and Billy Squier
4/27/20154 Factors Effecting Valuations Today
4/16/2015Beat Rate Still Above 80%
4/13/2015Will the 83% Beat Rate Continue?
4/6/2015Comments on Interest Rates on the Cusp of Earnings Season
3/23/2015Don't Fear the Dollar
3/16/2015Interest Rates, Valuations, and Free Ice Cream
3/9/2015Happy 6th Anniversary
3/4/2015Back to NASDAQ 5,000, with an Important Difference
2/18/2015A Good Old Fashioned Yield Rally
2/2/2015A Macro View of Stocks
1/13/2015Guidance on Guidance
1/7/2015Focus on Sector Strength in 2015
12/23/20142014 Review. 2015 Focus.
12/10/2014The US Dollar and the Strength of the Economy
11/25/2014Continued Market Strength and Yet ...
11/17/2014Taking Stock of the 4th Quarter
11/10/2014A Look at the November Recovery
10/27/2014Stay Calm and Focus on the Fundamentals
10/21/2014Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Bull Market
10/13/2014Volatility. The price you pay for higher returns.
10/8/2014They Call That A Bargain ...
9/29/2014Relax, 3Q Earnings Will Be OK
9/22/2014Looking Forward to the 4th Quarter
9/8/2014Stay Plugged In
9/2/2014The Math Matters When it Comes to Valuations
8/18/2014The Dog Days of Summer
8/13/2014What Investors Did During the Correction
8/11/2014Interview with Bob DeRochie
7/22/2014Companies Are Earning Their Keep
7/14/2014Listening for the Strength of Business Conditions
6/26/2014A Look at the Growth in Earnings
6/16/2014The World Economy Refuses To Comply
6/9/2014Bob's Three Best Ideas
6/4/2014Welcome to the Middle Innings
5/29/2014Reasons for Market Performance
5/19/2014The Math Absolutely Matters
5/14/2014The Party Many Are NOT Showing Up For
4/28/2014The Halftime Report
4/22/2014An Eye on the Eurozone
4/15/2014Never Let the Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story
4/7/2014Earnings Season
3/27/2014A Look at the 2nd Quarter
3/18/2014Individual versus Institutional Investors
3/10/2014Happy 5th Anniversary to the Bull Market
2/19/2014Now Don't Be Sad Because Two Out of Three's Not Bad
2/4/2014Taking a Broad Investment Perspective
1/27/2014Stay Warm and Stay Bullish
1/6/2014Great Expectations
12/20/2013A Look at 2014
11/13/2013The Market is Sending a Message
11/4/2013Defying Expectations
10/21/2013Not So Fondly Remembering the Crash of '87
10/7/2013An October Focus on the Fundamentals
9/16/2013When Will Individual Investors Respond?
9/11/2013We're Not Making This Stuff Up
9/4/2013Auto Sector Recovery Gaining Traction
8/19/2013This is Only a Correction
7/22/2013Companies are Beginning to Earn Your Trust
7/15/2013Focus on Earnings Growth
6/24/2013Rising Rates Got You Down ... It's Just Math!
6/19/2013Learning From Recent Market Stability
6/10/2013A Time of Transition
5/13/2013Comments on Market Corrections
5/6/2013Profits! Not the Prophets of Doom.
4/8/2013Why Investors Are Playing It Safe
3/18/2013Attention Shareholders
3/4/2013Perspective on Market Patterns
2/12/2013Earnings Still Advancing. Valuations Still Attractive.
2/4/2013The Equity Story: Still a Good Read
1/18/2013A Happy New Year!
12/11/2012Being Paid for Taking Risk
11/21/2012Corrections, Evaluations and Washington
11/7/2012Expect More (or Less) of the Same
11/2/2012Analysis of October Earnings Reports
10/17/2012Who's Buying and Who's Not
10/10/2012A Closer Look at October Market Activity
9/27/2012Reallocating Back Into the Market
9/17/2012Still In a Bull Market Cycle
9/7/2012Perspective on the Numbers
9/4/20123 In A Row
8/27/2012How Investors are Investing
8/20/2012Investors Continue to Chase Yield
8/14/2012Getting on Board
7/24/2012Companies Are Keeping Their Cool
7/16/2012On the Cusp of 2nd Quarter Results
7/10/2012Earnings: Still Growing
6/25/2012Economic Data and Earnings Outlook
6/19/2012Earnings and Opportunities
6/11/2012Why Cash is Still King
5/29/2012Investors Have to Make a Decision
5/9/2012The 6.1 Percent Solution
4/30/2012The Markets Fight Through the Headlines
4/16/2012The Question of Recession
4/2/2012A Preview of the 2nd Quarter
3/5/2012Questions on China
2/28/2012Answers to Investors' Questions
2/17/2012Watching Investor Activity
2/6/2012Strategic Insight Into Valuations
1/25/2012Globalization is Not Dead
1/18/2012Putting Capital to Work
1/10/2012A Look at Sectors in 2012
12/22/2011Evaluation, Risk and 2012
12/13/20114th Quarter Review and a Look at 2012
12/5/2011Up Twelve Percent
11/7/2011Focus on Financials
11/3/2011One Word: Earnings!
10/24/2011Best Recession Ever
10/11/2011Perspective on the 3rd Quarter
10/3/2011Come in off the Ledge
9/21/2011The Market Responds to The Twist
9/8/2011It's Time to Go Shopping
9/2/2011Every Picture Tells a Story
8/25/2011Smart Money Sees Opportunity
8/18/2011Risk Adjusted Returns
8/8/2011The Big Compression
8/2/2011Step Back from the Panic Button
7/26/201188 Percent
7/18/2011Gearing Up
7/7/2011The Tide is Turning
6/27/2011An Earnings Preview and a Happy July 4th
6/22/2011The Geeks NOT the Greeks!
6/8/2011Markets, Government and Investment Opportunity
5/31/2011Then Came the Last Days of May
5/11/2011Twenty Percent
5/2/2011Rising Expectations and Strong Evaluations
4/25/2011Beating the Estimates
4/18/2011April Market Outlook
4/5/2011What's That Noise?
3/21/2011Strong Data Bodes Well
3/15/2011A Correction and A Perspective
3/3/2011At Your Service
2/8/2011Capital Access
1/31/2011The January Effect
1/20/2011Market Issues and Globalization
1/5/2011Off to a Good Start
12/23/2010Finishing Strong
12/16/2010Seasonal Greetings
11/22/2010Two Looming Issues
11/15/2010Earnings, Evaluations and Capital Costs
11/9/2010Eyes on Tax Policy
11/1/2010Questions That Will Be Answered Soon
10/25/2010Climbing the Wall of Worry
10/18/2010Earnings Continue to Roll In
10/7/2010A Sneak Preview
9/28/2010Break on Through to the Other Side
9/10/2010Knowns and Unknowns
8/26/2010A Good Omen
8/17/2010Walking a Tight Rope
8/12/2010Cisco ... Still a Friend of Mine
7/22/2010The Advance in Earnings
7/19/2010Put Your Blinders On
7/6/2010Someone Has to Buy These Stocks
6/15/2010Turn Those Caps Around
6/7/2010Fear Could Be Your Friend
5/17/2010Correction's Over Most Likely
5/10/2010Enjoy the Ride
5/3/2010So There!
4/26/2010A 46 Percent Solution
4/19/2010Can't Keep a Good Market Down
4/13/2010Producing More and Buying More
3/22/2010What's Next
3/17/2010A Look at Market Conditions
3/5/2010The Train Kept a Rolling
2/24/2010Concerns and Expectations
2/12/2010Breaking Down the Correction
2/8/2010Factors Moving the Market
2/2/2010A Half Time Report
1/22/2010Digesting Economic Activity
1/15/2010A Bullish Outlook for 2010
1/11/2010Stability ... Recovery ... Growth
1/4/2010And They're Off!
12/22/2009Item One on the Wish List
12/15/2009Yearnings for Earnings
12/7/2009Allocating Capital
11/23/2009Much To Be Thankful For
11/16/2009Earnings Up ... Stocks Up!
11/3/2009Catch Me Now, I'm Falling
10/29/2009Cash for Pop Tarts?
10/19/2009Fly Like an Eagle
10/15/2009We're Bad, We're World Wide
9/30/2009A Look at the 4th Quarter
9/21/2009Give Me Three Steps
9/14/2009Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
8/31/2009A Look into September
8/25/2009Rising ROI and Health Care Stocks on the Launch Pad
8/19/2009The Dog Days of Summer
8/10/2009The Big Boys Have Come Out to Play
8/6/2009Feeling Left Out?
7/27/2009Higher Ground
7/16/2009Feelin' Stronger Everyday
7/6/2009Capital is Still on Strike
6/29/2009The Waiting is the Hardest Part
6/23/2009The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.
6/15/2009Too far, too fast? Not so fast
6/8/2009Head Winds
6/1/2009Mother of All Rebalancing
5/28/2009A Call for Allocation
5/18/2009Rolling Down the River
5/11/2009The Pause that Refreshes
5/1/2009Money in Motion
4/27/2009The Prospects of Return on Capital
4/14/2009Surprise! Companies Beating Expectations
4/6/2009Go With The Flow
3/23/2009A 20% Solution
3/12/2009Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
3/2/2009The Perfect Storm
2/23/2009Update and Opportunities
2/9/2009Back in the Saddle
1/22/2009Tech Stocks ... Follow the Leader
1/13/2009Investment Allocations for 2009
1/5/2009Big Block Buyers are Back
12/22/2008Bob's Christmas Wish: Lower Credit Spreads
11/26/2008Talking Turkey
11/17/2008Market Headwinds
11/10/2008Perspective on Capital
11/5/2008A Look Ahead
10/22/2008Allocation and Opportunity
10/14/2008Maintaining Discipline
10/6/2008Don't Fight the Fed
9/25/2008The Cost
9/15/2008Close to the Edge
9/2/2008Slow Ride
8/18/2008Stocks on the Run
8/12/2008Smoke on the Water
8/4/2008Don't Fear the Reaper
7/28/2008Generating Returns from Capital
7/21/2008Q2 Earnings Blowout
7/14/2008Earnings and the Economy
7/7/2008Dealing with Expectations
6/30/2008Denominator Issues
6/19/2008Watching the Underlying Fundamentals
6/11/2008Discount Rate Issues
5/27/2008Estimates Hold Strong
5/19/2008Breaking On Through
5/13/2008Onward and Upward
4/25/2008Market Update
4/21/2008Early Returns Are In
4/8/2008Tis the Season
3/17/2008Monday Outlook
3/3/2008Updates and Opportunities
2/27/2008Valuations and the Market
2/11/2008Encouraging Reports
2/6/2008Maintaining Earnings Power
1/28/2008Earnings and Expectations
1/23/2008Keep Perspective
1/14/2008Addressing Market Concern
1/7/2008January 2008 Update
12/11/2007The Fed Decision
12/3/2007Equity Evaluations
11/26/2007Look to the Fundamentals
11/20/2007Remember: It's All About Earnings!
11/5/2007Valuations and Opportunity
10/29/2007Market News
10/16/2007A Look at Economic Data
10/1/2007Earnings is the Story!
9/26/2007This Week's Economic Activity
9/17/2007Show Me the Earnings!
9/10/2007September Economic Data
9/6/2007The Profit's Picture in September
8/27/2007Earnings & Profits
8/20/2007The Cost of Capital
8/13/2007Return on Capital
8/6/2007Today's Valuations
7/30/2007Earnings' Estimates Still Strong
7/23/2007A Look at the Near Future
7/17/2007Reasons for Strength
7/9/2007Earning Season
6/18/2007Strong Corporate Fundamentals
6/11/2007Still Going Strong
5/29/2007The Cyclical Side
5/21/2007Solid Company Cash Flows
5/7/2007This Ain't No Bubble
4/30/2007Solid Performance
4/23/2007Earnings set the pace!
4/16/2007Sector Watch and the Economy
4/9/2007Watch for Returns
4/2/2007Are Stocks Undervalued?
3/26/2007A Solid Market
3/19/2007Industrial Strength
3/5/2007The Early March Correction
2/26/2007Economically Sensitive Areas
2/12/2007Solid Reporting
1/30/2007Jobs and Profits
1/22/2007Don't Rush to Judge
1/16/2007Perception and Reality
1/8/2007Introduction to 2007
12/13/20062006 and 2007
12/4/2006Corporate Profits
11/20/2006It's All about Earnings!
11/6/2006Values and Vulnerabilities
10/30/2006The Strength of the Economy
10/23/2006Solid Earnings Reports
10/16/2006Investment Styles
10/9/2006Earnings Outlook
10/4/2006An Undervalued Market
9/26/2006Opportunities in the Market

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