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S&P Dividend Aristocrats Buy-Write, Series 16
Ticker Symbol: FKDXDX

54 Holdings (As of Day of Deposit)
Ticker Company Name Initial
Equity Securities
MMM 3M Company 3.39% $186.85
ABT Abbott Laboratories 4.29% 118.22
ABBV AbbVie Inc. 4.02% 110.84
ADM Archer-Daniels-Midland Company 4.20% 57.78
ADP Automatic Data Processing, Inc. 3.42% 188.28
CAH Cardinal Health, Inc. 4.16% 57.27
CAT Caterpillar Inc. 4.11% 226.46
CVX Chevron Corporation 3.91% 107.64
KO The Coca-Cola Company 3.72% 51.22
EMR Emerson Electric Co. 4.85% 89.06
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation 4.29% 59.11
GD General Dynamics Corporation 3.18% 175.32
IBM International Business Machines Corporation 4.66% 128.24
JNJ Johnson & Johnson 2.93% 161.37
KMB Kimberly-Clark Corporation 4.88% 134.43
LOW Lowe’s Companies, Inc. 3.18% 175.33
MCD McDonald’s Corporation 3.99% 219.86
MDT Medtronic Plc 4.32% 118.94
NEE NextEra Energy, Inc. 4.11% 75.38
NUE Nucor Corporation 3.75% 68.91
PPG PPG Industries, Inc. 5.26% 144.80
SWK Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 3.45% 190.13
TGT Target Corporation 3.27% 180.21
VFC V.F. Corporation 4.14% 75.92
WMT Walmart, Inc. 4.84% 133.39
Description of Call Options Call Premium2
MMM 01/20/23 3M Company C 230 -0.16% $890.00
ABT 01/20/23 Abbott Laboratories C 145 -0.26% 725.00
ABBV 01/20/23 AbbVie Inc. C 135 -0.22% 614.00
ADM 01/20/23 Archer-Daniels-Midland Company C 70 -0.21% 285.00
ADP 01/20/23 Automatic Data Processing, Inc. C 230 -0.16% 880.00
CAH 01/20/23 Cardinal Health, Inc. C 70 -0.21% 285.00
CAT 01/20/23 Caterpillar Inc. C 270 -0.36% 2,005.00
CVX 01/20/23 Chevron Corporation C 130 -0.22% 600.00
KO 01/20/23 The Coca-Cola Company C 62.50 -0.11% 153.00
EMR 01/20/23 Emerson Electric Co. C 110 -0.21% 385.00
XOM 01/20/23 Exxon Mobil Corporation C 70 -0.37% 505.00
GD 01/20/23 General Dynamics Corporation C 210 -0.16% 870.00
IBM 01/20/23 International Business Machines Corporation C 155 -0.18% 500.00
JNJ 01/20/23 Johnson & Johnson C 195 -0.12% 663.00
KMB 01/20/23 Kimberly-Clark Corporation C 160 -0.22% 596.00
LOW 01/20/23 Lowe's Companies, Inc. C 210 -0.26% 1,445.00
MCD 01/20/23 McDonald's Corporation C 270 -0.14% 795.00
MDT 01/20/23 Medtronic Plc C 145 -0.18% 500.00
NEE 01/20/23 NextEra Energy, Inc. C 90 -0.32% 580.00
NUE 01/20/23 Nucor Corporation C 85 -0.29% 530.00
PPG 01/20/23 PPG Industries, Inc. C 175 -0.27% 750.00
SWK 01/20/23 Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. C 230 -0.27% 1,470.00
TGT 01/20/23 Target Corporation C 220 -0.27% 1,499.00
VFC 01/20/23 V.F. Corporation C 92.50 -0.25% 450.00
WMT 01/20/23 Walmart, Inc. C 160 -0.35% 955.00
Treasury Obligations
U.S. Treasury Note, 2.625%, due 06/15/2021 1.35%  
U.S. Treasury Note, 2.75%, due 09/15/2021 1.36%  
U.S. Treasury Note, 2.625%, due 12/15/2021 1.37%  
U.S. Treasury Note, 2.375%, due 03/15/2022 1.37%  

1 As of the close of business on 3/16/21.
Market values are for reference only and are not indicative of your individual cost basis.

2 Represents market value per contract. Each contract entitles the holder to purchase 100 shares of common stock at the strike price.

Not FDIC Insured • Not Bank Guaranteed • May Lose Value

Portfolio Summary
Initial Date of Deposit 3/17/2021
Initial Public Offering Price $10.00 per Unit
Portfolio Ending Date 1/25/2023
Estimated Strike Price of the LEAPS as a % of the Market Price of the Common Stocks: 121.22%
Historical 12-Month Distribution Rate of Trust Holdings:* 2.31%
Historical 12-Month Distribution Per Unit:* $0.2312
CUSIP 30318M865
Fee Account Cash CUSIP 30318M873

*There is no guarantee the issuers of the securities included in the trust will declare dividends or distributions in the future. The historical 12-month distribution per unit and historical 12-month distribution rate of the securities included in the trust are for illustrative purposes only and are not indicative of the trust’s distribution or distribution rate. Due to the negative economic impact across many industries caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, certain issuers of the securities included in the trust may elect to reduce the amount of dividends and/or distributions paid in the future. As a result, the “Historical 12-Month Distribution Rate of Trust Holdings,” which is based on the trailing twelve-month distributions paid by the securities included in a trust, will likely be higher, and in some cases significantly higher, than the actual distribution rate achieved by the trust. The historical 12-month distribution per unit is based on the weighted average of the trailing 12-month distributions paid by the securities included in the portfolio. The historical 12-month distribution rate is calculated by dividing the historical 12-month distributions by the trust’s offering price. The historical 12-month distribution and rate are reduced to account for the effects of fees and expenses, which will be incurred when investing in a trust. Certain of the issuers may have reduced their dividends or distributions over the prior 12 months. The distribution per unit and rate paid by the trust may be higher or lower than the amount shown above due to certain factors that may include, but are not limited to, a change in the dividends or distributions paid by issuers, actual expenses incurred, or the sale of securities in the portfolio.

Sales Charges (based on a $10 public offering price)
Standard Accounts
Transactional Sales Charges: Initial: 0.00%
  Deferred: 2.25%
Creation & Development Fee:   0.50%
Maximum Sales Charge:   2.75%
Fee/Wrap Accounts
Maximum Sales Charge:   0.50%

The deferred sales charge will be deducted in three monthly installments commencing 6/18/21.

When the public offering price is less than or equal to $10.00 per unit, there will be no initial sales charge. If the price exceeds $10.00 per unit, you will pay an initial sales charge.

The maximum sales charge for investors in fee accounts consists of the creation and development fee. Investors in fee accounts are not assessed any transactional sales charges. Standard accounts sales charges apply to units purchased as an ineligible asset.

The creation and development fee is a charge of $0.050 per unit collected at the end of the initial offering period. If the price you pay exceeds $10.00 per unit, the creation and development fee will be less than 0.50%; if the price you pay is less than $10.00 per unit, the creation and development fee will exceed 0.50%.

In addition to the sales charges listed, UITs are subject to annual operating expenses and organization costs.

You should consider the portfolio's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses carefully before investing. Contact your financial professional or call First Trust Portfolios L.P. at 1.800.621.1675 to request a prospectus, which contains this and other information about the portfolio. Read it carefully before you invest.

The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index is a product of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC or its affiliates ("SPDJI") and has been licensed for use by First Trust Portfolios L.P. Standard & Poor's® and S&P® are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC ("S&P"); Dow Jones® is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC ("Dow Jones"); and these trademarks have been licensed for use by SPDJI and sublicensed for certain purposes by First Trust Portfolios L.P. The S&P Dividend Aristocrats Buy-Write Portfolio is not sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by SPDJI, Dow Jones, S&P, their respective affiliates, and none of such parties make any representation regarding the advisability of investing in such product nor do they have any liability for any errors, omissions, or interruptions of the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index.

Risk Considerations
An investment in this unmanaged unit investment trust should be made with the understanding of the risks involved with common stocks, LEAPS, and U.S. Treasury notes.

Common stocks are subject to an economic recession and the possible deterioration of either the financial condition of the issuers of the equity securities or the general condition of the stock market.

The value of U.S. Treasury notes will be adversely affected by decreases in bond prices and increases in interest rates.

The value of the LEAPS is deducted from the value of the portfolio assets when determining the value of a unit. As the value of the LEAPS increases, it has a more negative impact on the value of the units. The value of the LEAPS will also be affected by changes in the value and dividend rates of the underlying stocks, an increase in interest rates, a change in the actual and perceived volatility of the stock market and the stocks and the remaining time to expiration. Additionally, the value of the LEAPS does not increase or decrease at the same rate as the underlying stock. However, as the LEAPS approach their expiration date, their value increasingly moves with the price of the stock.

Options are subject to various risks including that their value may be adversely affected if the market for the option becomes less liquid or smaller. In addition, options will be affected by changes in the value and dividend rates of the stock subject to the option, an increase in interest rates, a change in the actual and perceived volatility of the stock market and the common stock and the remaining time to expiration.

One of the common stocks held by the trust is issued by a foreign entity. An investment in a portfolio which includes foreign securities should be made with an understanding of the additional risks involved, such as currency fluctuations, political risk, the lack of adequate financial information and exchange control restrictions impacting foreign issuers.

The value of the securities held by the trust may be subject to steep declines or increased volatility due to changes in performance or perception of the issuers.

As the use of Internet technology has become more prevalent in the course of business, the trust has become more susceptible to potential operational risks through breaches in cybersecurity.

The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in major disruptions to economies and markets around the world. Financial markets have experienced extreme volatility and severe losses, negatively impacting global economic growth prospects. The duration of the COVID-19 outbreak and its effects cannot be determined with certainty and may exacerbate other political, social and economic risks.

This UIT is a buy and hold strategy and investors should consider their ability to hold the trust until maturity. There may be tax consequences unless units are purchased in an IRA or other qualified plan.

Fund Cusip Information
30318M865 (Cash)
30318M873 (Cash-Fee)
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The information presented is not intended to constitute an investment recommendation for, or advice to, any specific person. By providing this information, First Trust is not undertaking to give advice in any fiduciary capacity within the meaning of ERISA, the Internal Revenue Code or any other regulatory framework. Financial professionals are responsible for evaluating investment risks independently and for exercising independent judgment in determining whether investments are appropriate for their clients.
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