A Snapshot Of The Growth In ETF/ETP Assets
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  1. As indicated by the data in the table, based on total assets under management, the U.S. is currently dominating the exchange-traded fund/exchange-traded product (ETF/ETP) landscape. 
  2. As of 3/31/20, total assets stood at $3.67 trillion, or 68.3% of the $5.37 trillion global market.   
  3. As of 3/31/20, there were 2,315 ETFs/ETPs listed in the U.S., compared to 7,996 ETFs/ETPs listed globally, according to ETFGI.
  4. Equities are the most popular asset class for investors by far. Data from the Investment Company Institute (ICI) indicated that 74.2% of the capital held by U.S. listed ETFs/ETPs on 3/31/20 was in equity funds. 
  5. One of the prognostications floated years ago was that a notable percentage of the future growth in the U.S. ETF/ETP market, particularly with respect to equity funds, might come at the expense of the mutual fund industry.
  6. From 12/31/08-3/31/20, total assets held by equity mutual funds increased from $3.65 trillion to $8.81 trillion, according to the ICI. Data from the ICI also shows that the number of equity mutual funds currently active has only declined slightly, from 4,785 on 12/31/08 to 4,629 on 3/31/20. While the mass migration from mutual funds to ETFs/ETPs has yet to occur, we'll continue to monitor the situation.
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Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2020 @ 1:44 PM

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