Diversified Income & Growth, Spring 2018  Ticker: FNSPTX
A unit investment trust of 25 stocks designed to provide income and growth potential through an investment strategy that capitalizes on the power of rising dividends.
Product Code: DSSP18
Portfolio Status: Primary
Initial Offer Date: 02/05/2018
Portfolio Ending Date: 02/03/2023
Tax Structure: Regulated Investment Company
Distributions: Monthly
Initial Offer Price: $10.0000
NAV(*): $9.8988
POP(*): $10.2538
Remaining Deferred Sales Charge: $0.3450
* As of Trade Date: 03/16/2018 4:00pm ET
The Public Offering Price (POP) represents the net asset value per unit plus any applicable organization costs and sales charges. The Net Asset Value (NAV) represents the value per unit of a trust’s portfolio securities and other assets reduced by applicable deferred sales charges and other liabilities.

 Estimated Net Annual Distribution Per Unit
Year 1 * $0.2153
Subsequent Years * $0.2132
As of 03/12/2018
* The estimated net annual distribution for subsequent years is expected to be less than the amount for the first year because a portion of the securities included in the portfolio will be sold to pay for organization costs, the deferred sales charge and the creation and development fee.  The estimates are based on annualizing the most recent dividends declared by the issuers of the securities included in the portfolio. There is no guarantee that the issuers of the securities included in the portfolio will declare distributions in the future or that, if declared, they will either remain at current levels or increase over time.

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 Sector Weighting
Consumer Discretionary  Consumer Discretionary 16.04%
Consumer Staples  Consumer Staples 11.07%
Energy  Energy 3.66%
Financials  Financials 11.19%
Health Care  Health Care 12.17%
Industrials  Industrials 12.22%
Information Technology  Information Technology 12.92%
Materials  Materials 4.13%
Real Estate  Real Estate 4.18%
Telecommunication Services  Telecommunication Services 4.00%
Utilities  Utilities 8.37%
Other  Other 0.05%
  Large Mid Small  
Growth  65.32% 0.00% 0.00%  
Value  30.90% 3.73% 0.00%  

 Style Weighting
Large-Cap Growth 65.32%
Large-Cap Value 30.90%
Mid-Cap Growth 0.00%
Mid-Cap Value 3.73%
Small-Cap Growth 0.00%
Small-Cap Value 0.00%
Undetermined 0.05%
U.S. Stocks 96.18%   Other 0.05%
Non-U.S. Stocks 3.77%      
The style and sector characteristics of the portfolio are determined as of 03/16/2018 and will likely vary thereafter due to market fluctuations in the underlying securities.  

 Key Stats
Weighted Average Market Cap $151,319.94
Weighted Average Price/Earnings 22.13
Weighted Average Price/Book 4.10
As of 3/16/2018
All market capitalization numbers are in USD$ Millions

 Holdings  Export Current Holdings | View Initial Holdings  
 Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO Information Technology  Information Technology Large-Cap Growth 4.52%
 Starbucks Corporation SBUX Consumer Discretionary  Consumer Discretionary Large-Cap Growth 4.35%
 The TJX Companies, Inc. TJX Consumer Discretionary  Consumer Discretionary Large-Cap Growth 4.26%
 Microsoft Corporation MSFT Information Technology  Information Technology Large-Cap Growth 4.22%
 NextEra Energy, Inc. NEE Utilities  Utilities Large-Cap Value 4.21%
 Texas Instruments Incorporated TXN Information Technology  Information Technology Large-Cap Growth 4.18%
 American Tower Corporation AMT Real Estate  Real Estate Large-Cap Growth 4.18%
 Illinois Tool Works Inc. ITW Industrials  Industrials Large-Cap Growth 4.17%
 WEC Energy Group, Inc. WEC Utilities  Utilities Large-Cap Value 4.16%
 Amgen Inc. AMGN Health Care  Health Care Large-Cap Growth 4.14%
 Praxair, Inc. PX Materials  Materials Large-Cap Growth 4.13%
 General Dynamics Corporation GD Industrials  Industrials Large-Cap Growth 4.10%
 UnitedHealth Group Incorporated UNH Health Care  Health Care Large-Cap Growth 4.06%
 AT&T Inc. T Telecommunication Services  Telecommunication Services Large-Cap Value 4.00%
 Johnson & Johnson JNJ Health Care  Health Care Large-Cap Growth 3.97%
 3M Company MMM Industrials  Industrials Large-Cap Growth 3.95%
 The Walt Disney Company DIS Consumer Discretionary  Consumer Discretionary Large-Cap Value 3.91%
 PepsiCo, Inc. PEP Consumer Staples  Consumer Staples Large-Cap Growth 3.85%
 Chubb Limited CB Financials  Financials Large-Cap Value 3.77%
 Commerce Bancshares, Inc. CBSH Financials  Financials Mid-Cap Value 3.73%
 General Mills, Inc. GIS Consumer Staples  Consumer Staples Large-Cap Growth 3.72%
 BlackRock, Inc. BLK Financials  Financials Large-Cap Value 3.69%
 Exxon Mobil Corporation XOM Energy  Energy Large-Cap Value 3.66%
 Lowe's Companies, Inc. LOW Consumer Discretionary  Consumer Discretionary Large-Cap Growth 3.52%
 Walmart, Inc. WMT Consumer Staples  Consumer Staples Large-Cap Value 3.50%
Total Number of Holdings:    25
Underlying Securities information represented above is as of 03/16/2018 but will vary with future fluctuations in the market.

 Standard Account Sales Charges *
Transactional sales charges: Initial:  0.10%
  Deferred:  3.36%
C&D Fee:    0.49%
Maximum Sales Charge:   3.95%
CUSIP Type Distribution
30306F807 Cash Monthly
30306F815 Reinvest Monthly
* Based on the offer price as of 03/16/2018 4:00pm ET

 Fee/Wrap Account Sales Charges *
C&D Fee:    0.51%
Maximum Sales Charge:   0.51%
CUSIP Type Distribution
30306F823 Cash-Fee Monthly
30306F831 Reinvest-Fee Monthly
* Based on the NAV price as of 03/16/2018 4:00pm ET
In addition to the sales charges listed, UITs are subject to annual operating expenses and organization costs.

 Deferred Sales Charge Schedule
Amount Date
$0.11500 May 18, 2018
$0.11500 June 20, 2018
$0.11500 July 20, 2018

Risk Considerations

Equity Risk. An investment in a portfolio containing common stocks is subject to certain risks, such as an economic recession and the possible deterioration of either the financial condition of the issuers of the equity securities or the general condition of the stock market.

Sector Concentration Risk. A portfolio which is concentrated in an individual sector is subject to additional risks, including limited diversification.

Consumer Products Risk. The companies engaged in the consumer products sector are subject to global competition, changing government regulations and trade policies, currency fluctuations, and the financial and political risks inherent in producing products for foreign markets.

Foreign Securities Risk. An investment in securities of foreign issuers should be made with an understanding of the additional risks involved, such as currency fluctuations, political risk, withholding, the lack of adequate financial information, and exchange control restrictions impacting foreign issuers.

IRA Risk. There may be tax consequences unless units are purchased in an IRA or other qualified plan.

REITs Risk. An investment in a portfolio containing REIT securities is subject to additional risks including limited diversification. Companies involved in the real estate industry are subject to changes in the real estate market, vacancy rates and competition, volatile interest rates and economic recession.

Volatility Risk. The value of the securities held by the trust may be subject to steep declines or increased volatility due to changes in performance or perception of the issuers.

All data used for the sector and style classification comparisons is from Bloomberg Finance L.P, which we believe to be reliable, but do not take responsibility for its accuracy.

The style and capitalization characteristics used to describe the stocks are designed to help you understand how they fit into your overall investment plan. Due to changes in the value of the stocks the characteristics may vary over time. In general, growth stocks have high relative price-to-book ratios while value stocks have low relative price-to-book ratios. In determining market capitalization characteristics, we analyze the market capitalizations of the 3,000 largest stocks in the U.S. (excluding foreign securities, ADRs, limited partnerships and regulated investment companies) on a monthly basis. Companies with market capitalizations among the largest 10% are considered Large-Cap securities, the next 20% are considered Mid-Cap securities and the remaining securities are considered Small-Cap securities.

You should carefully consider the trust's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses before investing. Contact your financial advisor or call First Trust Portfolios, L.P. at 1.800.621.1675 to request a prospectus, which contains this and other information about the trust. Read it carefully before you invest.

This product information does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any state to any person to whom it is not lawful to make such an offer. Sales of any of these securities must include prospectus delivery and the services of a retail broker/dealer duly licensed in the appropriate states.

Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed and May Lose Value.