Preferred Income, 93  Ticker: FYAPMX
A unit investment trust that seeks a high rate of current income by investing in a diversified portfolio of preferred securities.
Please note that there is no assurance the objective will be met.
Product Code: PRIN93
Portfolio Status: Secondary
Initial Offer Date: 12/29/2017
Secondary Date: 03/21/2018
Portfolio Ending Date: 12/30/2019
Tax Structure: Regulated Investment Company
Distributions: Monthly
Initial Offer Price: $10.0000
NAV(*): $8.8846
POP(*): Not Avail
Remaining Deferred Sales Charge: $0.0000
* As of Trade Date: 03/22/2019 4:00pm ET
The Public Offering Price (POP) represents the net asset value per unit plus any applicable organization costs and sales charges. The Net Asset Value (NAV) represents the value per unit of a trust’s portfolio securities and other assets reduced by applicable deferred sales charges and other liabilities.

 Holdings  Export Current Holdings | View Initial Holdings  
 AT&T Inc., 5.350%, Due 11/01/2066 TBB 4.61%
 Dominion Energy, Inc., Series A, 5.250%, Due 07/30/2076 DRUA 4.24%
 The Allstate Corporation, 5.100%, Variable Rate, Due 01/15/2053 ALL.B 4.22%
 The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., 7.875%, Variable Rate, Due 04/15/2042 HGH 4.22%
 NextEra Energy Capital Holdings, Inc., Series K, 5.250%, Due 06/01/2076 NEE.K 4.21%
 eBay Inc., 6.000%, Due 02/01/2056 EBAYL 4.21%
 U.S. Bancorp, Series F, 6.500%, Variable Rate USB.M 4.20%
 JPMorgan Chase & Co., Series BB, 6.150% JPM.H 4.19%
 Wells Fargo & Company, 5.850%, Variable Rate WFC.Q 4.16%
 Axis Capital Holdings Limited, Series E, 5.500% AXS.E 4.16%
 National Retail Properties, Inc., Series F, 5.200% NNN.F 4.15%
 The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., Series P, 6.125%, Variable Rate PNC.P 4.11%
 Federal Realty Investment Trust, Series C, 5.000% FRT.C 4.01%
 Entergy Louisiana, LLC, 4.875%, Due 09/01/2066 ELC 2.67%
 DTE Energy Company, Series B, 5.375%, Due 06/01/2076 DTJ 2.66%
 Georgia Power Company, Series 2017, 5.000%, Due 10/01/2077 GPJA 2.63%
 Stifel Financial Corp., 5.200%, Due 10/15/2047 SFB 2.62%
 PS Business Parks, Inc., Series X, 5.250% PSB.X 2.60%
 Kimco Realty Corporation, Series L, 5.125% KIM.L 2.54%
 Arch Capital Group Ltd., Series E, 5.250% ACGLP 2.47%
 Public Storage, Series G, 5.050% PSA.G 2.15%
 Public Storage, Series F, 5.150% PSA.F 2.14%
 W.R. Berkley Corporation, 5.750%, Due 06/01/2056 WRB.D 2.12%
 State Street Corporation, Series D, 5.900%, Variable Rate STT.D 2.12%
 Entergy Arkansas, LLC, 4.875%, Due 09/01/2066 EAI 2.12%
 The Southern Company, 5.250%, Due 12/01/2077 SOJC 2.11%
 DTE Energy Company, Series E, 5.250%, Due 12/01/2077 DTW 2.11%
 PartnerRe Ltd., Series G, 6.500% PRE.G 2.09%
 State Street Corporation, Series G, 5.350%, Variable Rate STT.G 2.09%
 PartnerRe Ltd., Series H, 7.250% PRE.H 2.02%
 Arch Capital Group Ltd., Series F, 5.450% ACGLO 2.02%
 PS Business Parks, Inc., Series Y, 5.200% PSB.Y 2.02%
 Kimco Realty Corporation, Series M, 5.250% KIM.M 2.01%
Total Number of Holdings:    33
Underlying Securities information represented above is as of 03/21/2019 but will vary with future fluctuations in the market.

Risk Considerations

Equity Risk. An investment in a portfolio containing common stocks is subject to certain risks, such as an economic recession and the possible deterioration of either the financial condition of the issuers of the equity securities or the general condition of the stock market.

Sector Concentration Risk. A portfolio which is concentrated in an individual sector is subject to additional risks, including limited diversification.

Buy & Hold Risk – Taxable Trusts. This UIT is a buy and hold strategy and investors should consider their ability to hold the trust until maturity. There may be tax consequences unless units are purchased in an IRA or other qualified plan.

Financials Risk. The companies engaged in the financials sector are subject to the adverse effects of volatile interest rates, economic recession, decreases in the availability of capital, increased competition from new entrants in the field, and potential increased regulation.

Foreign Securities Risk. An investment in securities of foreign issuers should be made with an understanding of the additional risks involved, such as currency fluctuations, political risk, withholding, the lack of adequate financial information, and exchange control restrictions impacting foreign issuers.

Preferred Securities Risk. Preferred securities are equity securities of the issuing company which pay income in the form of dividends. Preferred securities are typically subordinated to bonds and other debt instruments in a company's capital structure, and therefore will be subject to greater credit risk than those debt instruments.

REITs Risk. An investment in a portfolio containing REIT securities is subject to additional risks including limited diversification. Companies involved in the real estate industry are subject to changes in the real estate market, vacancy rates and competition, volatile interest rates and economic recession.

Small-Cap and Mid-Cap Risk. An investment in a portfolio containing small-cap and mid-cap companies is subject to additional risks, as the share prices of small-cap companies and certain mid-cap companies are often more volatile than those of larger companies due to several factors, including limited trading volumes, products, financial resources, management inexperience and less publicly available information.

Volatility Risk. The value of the securities held by the trust may be subject to steep declines or increased volatility due to changes in performance or perception of the issuers.

Operational Risk. As the use of Internet technology has become more prevalent in the course of business, the trust has become more susceptible to potential operational risks through breaches in cyber security.

You should carefully consider the trust's investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses before investing. Contact your financial advisor or call First Trust Portfolios, L.P. at 1.800.621.1675 to request a prospectus, which contains this and other information about the trust. Read it carefully before you invest.

This product information does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any state to any person to whom it is not lawful to make such an offer. Sales of any of these securities must include prospectus delivery and the services of a retail broker/dealer duly licensed in the appropriate states.

Not FDIC Insured, Not Bank Guaranteed and May Lose Value.