Preferred Income, 110 (Terminated)   Ticker: FPWZYX
DatePublic Offer PriceNet Asset Value
12/29/2023 Not Avail $7.2873
12/28/2023 Not Avail $7.3117
12/27/2023 Not Avail $7.3527
12/26/2023 Not Avail $7.3194
12/22/2023 Not Avail $7.3160
12/21/2023 Not Avail $7.3056
12/20/2023 Not Avail $7.2925
12/19/2023 Not Avail $7.2593
12/18/2023 Not Avail $7.2061
12/15/2023 Not Avail $7.2541
12/14/2023 Not Avail $7.2665
12/13/2023 Not Avail $7.1527
12/12/2023 Not Avail $7.0310
12/11/2023 Not Avail $7.0246
12/8/2023 Not Avail $7.0773
12/7/2023 Not Avail $7.1203
12/6/2023 Not Avail $7.1129
12/5/2023 Not Avail $7.1218
12/4/2023 Not Avail $7.1287
12/1/2023 Not Avail $7.1855

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