First Trust Dorsey Wright People's Portfolio ETF (DWPP)
  • 2021 Estimated Capital Gain Distributions
    Certain First Trust Exchange-Traded Funds are expected to pay a short term and/or long-term capital gain distribution in December. For a list of exchange-traded funds expected to pay a capital gain distribution, please click here. Final determination of the source and tax status of all distributions paid in the current year are to be made after year-end and could differ from the expectations noted above.
Investment Objective/Strategy - The First Trust Dorsey Wright People's Portfolio ETF is an exchange-traded fund which seeks investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield (before the Fund's fees and expenses) of an index called the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright People's Portfolio Index.
There can be no assurance that the Fund's investment objectives will be achieved.
  • The Nasdaq Dorsey Wright People’s Portfolio Index is a modified market-capitalization weighted index designed to tactically allocate exposure to one of three allocations, based upon daily relative strength readings using point and figure charts.^
  • The index always holds exactly one of the three possible positions:
    • All the component securities in the Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Index,
    • All the component securities in the Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Equal Weight or
    • All the component securities in the First Trust Enhanced Short Maturity ETF (FTSM).
  • To construct the index, the closing price of the Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Index and the Nasdaq US 500 Large Cap Equal Weight Index are compared against each other on a relative strength basis.
  • The equity index which exhibits the best point and figure relative strength is compared next against a cash-like proxy using a relative strength chart.
    • If the resulting relative strength chart favors the cash-like proxy, then the Index will invest in FTSM, but if the relative strength chart favors the equity index, then the index will remain fully invested.
  • The point and figure relative strength analysis to determine which position the Index should hold is conducted on a daily basis. This may result in a high portfolio turnover rate.
  • When the index holds one of the component indexes, the index follows the same rebalance schedule as the component index held and when the index holds FTSM there are no rebalances.
^Point and figure charts plot supply and demand within a security by focusing on its price movements and ignore small price fluctuations, trading volume and time to filter out insignificant price movements.
Fund Overview
Fund TypeTactical Equity
Investment AdvisorFirst Trust Advisors L.P.
Investor Servicing AgentBank of New York Mellon Corp
Fiscal Year-End12/31
Inception Price$19.89
Inception NAV$19.89
Rebalance FrequencyPeriodically
Gross Expense Ratio*0.60%
Net Expense Ratio*0.60%
* As of 5/3/2021
First Trust has contractually agreed to reimburse acquired fund fees and expenses of the shares of investment companies held by the fund, provided that the investment companies are advised by the fund’s investment advisor. The agreement will remain in place until at least April 30, 2022, or until its termination at the direction of the Trust's Board of Trustees. Please see the Fees and Expenses of the Fund section in the fund's prospectus for more details.
Current Fund Data (as of 12/6/2021)
Closing NAV1$34.25
Closing Market Price2$34.24
Bid/Ask Midpoint$34.25
Bid/Ask Discount0.01%
30-Day Median Bid/Ask Spread30.43%
Total Net Assets$11,989,131
Outstanding Shares350,002
Daily Volume5
Average 30-Day Daily Volume2,974
Closing Market Price 52-Week High/Low$35.27 / $27.63
Closing NAV 52-Week High/Low$35.28 / $27.61
Number of Holdings (excluding cash)500
Top Holdings (as of 12/6/2021)*
Holding Percent
Apple Inc. 6.84%
Microsoft Corporation 6.46%, Inc. 3.94%
Alphabet Inc. (Class A) 2.29%
Tesla, Inc. 2.20%
Meta Platforms Inc. 1.90%
NVIDIA Corporation 1.84%
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 1.26%
The Home Depot, Inc. 1.16%
Johnson & Johnson 1.13%

* Excluding cash.  Holdings are subject to change.

NAV History (Since Inception)
Past performance is not indicative of future results.
Distribution Information
Dividend per Share Amt (as of 12/7/2021)4$0.0629
30-Day SEC Yield (as of 10/29/2021)50.70%
Unsubsidized 30-Day SEC Yield (as of 10/29/2021)60.70%
12-Month Distribution Rate (as of 10/29/2021)70.58%
Index Yield (as of 10/29/2021)81.32%
Bid/Ask Premium/Discount (as of 12/6/2021)
  2020 Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q3 2021
Days Traded at Premium 78 4 0 2
Days Traded at Discount 175 57 63 62
Top Sector Exposure (as of 12/6/2021)
Information Technology 31.12%
Health Care 13.17%
Consumer Discretionary 13.08%
Financials 10.86%
Communication Services 8.67%
Industrials 7.79%
Consumer Staples 5.81%
Energy 2.70%
Real Estate 2.70%
Utilities 2.29%
Materials 1.81%
Hypothetical Growth of $10,000 Since Inception (as of 12/6/2021) *