First Trust Dorsey Wright International Focus 5 ETF (IFV)
Holdings of the Fund as of 6/24/2022

Total Number of Holdings (excluding cash): 5

Security Name Identifier CUSIP Shares / Quantity Market Value Weighting Descending sort
First Trust Chindia ETF FNI 33733A102 831,230 $34,778,663.20 21.41%
First Trust India NIFTY 50 Equal Weight ETF NFTY 33737J802 782,984 $32,838,348.96 20.22%
First Trust United Kingdom AlphaDEX® Fund FKU 33737J224 1,014,527 $32,835,166.36 20.22%
First Trust Dow Jones Global Select Dividend Index Fund FGD 33734X200 1,436,423 $31,701,855.61 19.52%
First Trust Latin America AlphaDEX® Fund FLN 33737J125 1,837,644 $30,247,620.24 18.62%
US Dollar $USD 28,046 $28,045.89 0.02%
Holdings are subject to change.

The holdings information set forth above for the date indicated reflects creation and redemption transactions from the prior business day and may differ from the holdings information currently available from the Fund's custodian and accounting agent. With respect to the market value of the Fund's holdings set forth above, the pricing sources are generally third party vendors. The Fund ultimately relies on pricing information provided by the Fund's accounting agent.